Digital Detox: FREElancer’s Birthday Gift

Last Sunday, I celebrated my 35th birthday and the best way to celebrate it is a Digital Detox. As a FREElancer, I feel the need to detoxify myself from the radiation of my computer, and that is one of the best birthdays I ever had. It went so cool and relaxing. I enjoyed every moment of it.

Working at home is very rewarding and I can’t trade it for any other job in the world but sometimes, it becomes unhealthy.

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The four corners of your home robs you of creativity that is why it is best to relax, unwind and free your mind once in a while. When your mind is cluttered with many things you need to accomplish in a day, you can’t think freely. I’m glad that my birthday falls on Sunday.

I decided to go to the church first. Praying is calming. It brings you to your senses as well. I went to “Pink Sisters Chapel” where I heard wishes and prayers can come true. You can write your wishes and prayers and the nun in pink kneeling in front will pray for you (I don’t have a picture of the praying nun, we need to respect the solemnity of the place).

Pink Sister

Next stop is at the “People’s Park in the Sky”. It was built on the highest point of Tagaytay, Cavite.

Photo: The Backpack Adventures

This is a historical place which was previously called “Palace in the Sky” which was built by Marcos but wasn’t completed to welcome a guest.

The construction of the unfinished “palace” began in my birth year, 1981. What a coincidence. I didn’t know that before I visit the place. It’s cool to know.

At the unfinished mansion, you have the liberty to marvel at the sight of Tagaytay Highlands. You can rent a telescope for 20 pesos/30 minutes to look closer of the Taal Volcano and the Taal Lake.



The air is very refreshing and soothing. It is the best feeling. It is not something your aircon or your fan can give you. If your mind is in chaos, nature will give you peace. Appreciating nature makes me appreciate life even more. Nature detoxifies your mind and brings back your creativity

Inside the park is you’ll find the Shrine of Our Lady, Mother of Fair Love which has its own story to tell. It’s nice to learn new things and know the history.

Shrine of Our Lady, Mother of Fair Love

Thank God, the sky is clear in the afternoon and we can able to have a feast as a thanksgiving for the past year and for another year.

Picnic with friends

Let’s make it a habit to detoxify ourselves with the radiation. It will make us more productive, creative and healthier.


Back to work!

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Lazada Philippines

Lazada Philippines


5 Things to Consider When You Are Traveling with Your Work

One of the perks of being a freelancer is that you can travel anytime you wanted because your work is with you. As long as you have your laptop and there is an internet connection, you are good to go. But wait! Can you really enjoy traveling while you have loads of work to do or you are just wasting your money? Sure, you can bring your laptop with you anywhere but once you have settled in the place, can you go out and breathe some air?


I have traveled with my laptop with me and I know how it is. Yes, you can work and you can have fun but you have to prepare, especially if it took days, weeks or months. Preparation is the key to enjoy the place and to appreciate being a freelancer more than ever. If it is a day or two, you don’t need to consider many things. You are free as a bird! If not, here are the things you should take note.

  1. Travel when your loads are light

As a freelancer, I’ve experience high time and low time. There are times when project keeps pour in and you can’t resist them all. More projects, more dollars. There are also times when you’ve got a few and some projects ended. When we got more, we get tired and wish to go out but when we got few we get sad and blue. My advice is take advantage of the high time to prepare for your vacation. Save money and search for the best place. When low season comes, it is time to go out and have some fun! You have the money and you have more time to enjoy!


  1. Tell your clients in advance about your plans.

Some of us stick with a long-term clients, thus there is no low season for us. If this is the case, plan still. Your client’s business has its season too. Years of working with the same client gives you an idea of the time you have lighter loads. Plan on that date, most likely your client will give you his blessing since there is nothing much you need to do for him. Should unexpected things happen in your vacation and you become unreachable, your client knows where you are. If you are lucky, your client will let you enjoy your travel without workloads and even give you bonus.

  1. Prepare your belongings.

It is not all about clothes for us freelancers. We need to secure our gadgets are on our traveling bag. Create a checklist and check it one by one before you go. You don’t want to bring your laptop but forgot your charger or else you will pull hair off. Make sure you have everything you need to have a stress-free travel time.


  1. Plan your itinerary and your working time.

Let say, wake up as early as 5am to work for 2 hours so that is until 7 am. Then you are off to enjoy the place and go back at your hotel at lunchtime and work for another 2 hours so that is 12-2pm then you can go out again for some of your activities, go back at 6pm, work a little while resting your feet, have dinner and hit the bed. It depends on you and depends on the place. As I’ve said preparation makes you not neglect your responsibilities and not to forget to enjoy. We are freelancers, you can re-arrange your schedule the way you want it.

  1. Work in advance and don’t schedule a lot of activities on your vacation.

We travel to relax our mind and body, if you are too tired with all the activities, though it is a lot of fun, you’ll regret it. Why not just enjoy the food, enjoy the view and have a chat with the locals?

Work in advance. Do all the hard part of the job so when the you are traveling you’ve got nothing much to do but to enjoy.

Come and let’s find a beautiful place to get lost 😉