Digital Detox: FREElancer’s Birthday Gift

Last Sunday, I celebrated my 35th birthday and the best way to celebrate it is a Digital Detox. As a FREElancer, I feel the need to detoxify myself from the radiation of my computer, and that is one of the best birthdays I ever had. It went so cool and relaxing. I enjoyed every moment of it.

Working at home is very rewarding and I can’t trade it for any other job in the world but sometimes, it becomes unhealthy.

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The four corners of your home robs you of creativity that is why it is best to relax, unwind and free your mind once in a while. When your mind is cluttered with many things you need to accomplish in a day, you can’t think freely. I’m glad that my birthday falls on Sunday.

I decided to go to the church first. Praying is calming. It brings you to your senses as well. I went to “Pink Sisters Chapel” where I heard wishes and prayers can come true. You can write your wishes and prayers and the nun in pink kneeling in front will pray for you (I don’t have a picture of the praying nun, we need to respect the solemnity of the place).

Pink Sister

Next stop is at the “People’s Park in the Sky”. It was built on the highest point of Tagaytay, Cavite.

Photo: The Backpack Adventures

This is a historical place which was previously called “Palace in the Sky” which was built by Marcos but wasn’t completed to welcome a guest.

The construction of the unfinished “palace” began in my birth year, 1981. What a coincidence. I didn’t know that before I visit the place. It’s cool to know.

At the unfinished mansion, you have the liberty to marvel at the sight of Tagaytay Highlands. You can rent a telescope for 20 pesos/30 minutes to look closer of the Taal Volcano and the Taal Lake.



The air is very refreshing and soothing. It is the best feeling. It is not something your aircon or your fan can give you. If your mind is in chaos, nature will give you peace. Appreciating nature makes me appreciate life even more. Nature detoxifies your mind and brings back your creativity

Inside the park is you’ll find the Shrine of Our Lady, Mother of Fair Love which has its own story to tell. It’s nice to learn new things and know the history.

Shrine of Our Lady, Mother of Fair Love

Thank God, the sky is clear in the afternoon and we can able to have a feast as a thanksgiving for the past year and for another year.

Picnic with friends

Let’s make it a habit to detoxify ourselves with the radiation. It will make us more productive, creative and healthier.


Back to work!

Cliff Hazel Santos is a Top Rated Upwork Freelancer, 
with 100% job success rate. She is also an entrepreneur, 
she owns Dive-In Travel Agency and she is an aspiring blogger.


Lazada Philippines

Lazada Philippines


4 Health Problems Freelancers Are Facing Today

As I celebrate my 7th year anniversary as a freelancer, I came across this question from a fellow member of a freelancer group I belong to,  “Wala kang ibang nararamdaman na pagbabago sa katawan mo?” (Don’t you feel any changes in your body?).  I know what he meant by asking me that. I know that working online full time for 7 years will bring some changes to your body or should I say “health”. He might be feeling something in his body after hours of sitting and working in front of his computer that’s why he came up with that question. Well, I can’t deny that there are changes and I answered him, “yes, I gained weight” and laugh at my comment. However, that is 100% true and it attracts comments from my co-freelancers, agreeing with the statement.

Working online has pros and cons and one of the cons is health issues which you may develop all through the years of working online. If you are planning to get into this industry or you are already starting, it is a must that you should know these health issues so you can prevent it from happening as early of today.

Here are some health problems that you might develop throughout your freelancing career.

  1. Weight Gain – Let us start with the obvious. Freelancers tend to gain weight because they are on the same spot their entire working hours. We don’t walk to the bus station, commute and walk to the building on your way to your office. We simply open our eyes, open our laptop and get the job done. We even eat in front of our computer, especially if the fridge is one grab away. We all know that being overweight is unhealthy and can lead to serious diseases. Now, that you are aware of this, avoid eating in front of your computer and place the fridge miles away so you are forced to stand if you need a drink or you want something to eat.
Photo Source: Metro
  1. Backache – Since you sit all day, you tend to develop backache, I experienced that from time to time. This makes me want a massage all the time. Though, that can help to relax your muscle, you can still do something to avoid it. Just have mini breaks and you’re good.
Photo Source: Prevention


  1. Stress – Freelancers are prone to stress. This is especially when they to do multi-tasking and need to juggle their time between their clients.
freelancer problem
Photo Source: The Globe and Mail

Lesson: Don’t eat more than you can chew. You can have as many clients as you want, but you must be responsible enough to only accept what you can handle.

  1. Depression – Even we know that we are lucky to work at home and we are our own boss, we can’t help but to feel depressed sometimes. We missed the social life that we have before and the only social life that we have right now is social media. Well, if you are feeling this way get up and go out!

Freelancers Health

These health issues are only a problem if you don’t know them. As they said prevention is better than cure. Plan your working day and make it sure that it is productive and healthy at the same time.


Feel free to share your tips on how to have a healthy freelancing lifestyle.


Cliff Hazel Santos is a Top Rated Upwork Freelancer, 
with 100% job success rate. She is also an entrepreneur, 
she owns Dive-In Travel Agency and she is an aspiring blogger.

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