How to be an Online FREElancer? (Q&A Lists)

Due to insistent public demand (lol), I compile several Q&A lists that will help people who want to be an online FREElancer like me, get started.

Working online with a rate and a schedule of your choice is what it means to be a freelancer. Here are several questions that people I know, friends and family are asking me and you might want to ask too.

  1. Who am I?

Let me first introduce myself. Before you read any further, think first if the author has the right to give some piece of advice with regards of a certain topic. In my case, I am an online freelancer myself and I’ve been doing this for almost 7 years already. Therefore, I have the right to give you some piece of advice 😉

  1. What do you do online?

I do several and different things, from admin tasks to marketing ONLINE.

  1. Where do you get jobs?

Personally, I only get jobs from one outsourcing site which is Upwork. Upwork has been previously called oDesk. It turns Upwork when eLance (another outsourcing website) and oDesk merged.

  1. Do you work full time or you have other offline jobs?

I say full time (though I have jobs on a contractual basis) because I don’t have any other means than this since I started July, 2009

  1. Who introduce Upwork to you?

Architect Charlot Fernandez (whom I will be forever grateful of), who has been working online part time  and working as a Project Architect in an Engineering firm at the same time. Now, she is working online full time as an SEO Specialist and a proud WAHM.

  1. What makes you decide to work online?

I’ve been dreaming of FREEdom. I wish to work on my own time, in my own place, in my own pace, whenever I want and wherever I want. This is what I am seeking for so I dive in!

  1. Is it for me?

Only you can answer that. If you are motivated on your own, you love to be challenged, you are competitive and a risk-taker then this is for you.

  1. How can I get started?
  • First sign up at any outsourcing platform of your choice. If you are asking me how to sign up, I will not tell you. If you can’t do a simple task like signing up in a single platform, you shouldn’t be here and this is definitely not for you. No hard feelings and no offense meant.

    – Upwork

    Upwork Sign-Up

    – Fiverr

  • Complete all the details and information needed. Usually there is a guide for you on how to get started.
  • Upload your best picture, the one that smiling successfully. Clients are seeking for freelancers with a positive aura. It will help you land a job.
  • Take a readiness test (this is for Upwork). Upwork Test
  • Think of a title that suits your skills i.e programmer
  • Look for jobs that match your skills. Create a cover letter that kills. Don’t stop until you get the deal.

I will update this from time to time. If you have any questions that aren’t included here, feel free to comment and I will answer you right away.

Good luck and break a leg!


aCliff Hazel Santos is a Top Rated Upwork Freelancer, 
with 100% job success rate. She is also an entrepreneur, 
she owns Dive-In Travel Agency and she is an aspiring blogger.

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