8 Reasons Why You Should Travel Sagada

One of my dreams is to travel around the world but since Philippines is a very beautiful country with lots of spectacular beaches and breathtaking mountains, I will travel Philippines first. I just went out of the country once and I’ve visited Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China but for me other countries can wait for a while.

One of the places in my bucket list is Sagada. I’m glad that I am a FREElancer for I can bring my laptop anywhere I want but I must warn you, signal is poor in Sagada. You can only do basic surfing but if you are a writer then go and pack your things!

Why Sagada?

There are several of reasons why you should visit Sagada and here are some of the reasons.

  1. Only in Sagada you will enjoy a Breezy Atmosphere. Philippines is a tropical country and every one of us is dreaming to live in a much colder place that’s why Baguio and Tagaytay is very popular but if you want a colder place, go higher! Nothing can beat the 10°c of Sagada! Well, the temperature varies but that is the colder so far during my stay. The breezy air is refreshing and relaxing. If you want to forget your problems, this is the right place to go to.


FREElancers Tip: Don’t forget to bring at least one jacket.

  1. You get to learn More about Sagada’s Culture: Meet the Igorots. When I was young, I thought Igorots are dark skinned, short and just look like Aetas (no offense to anyone) but not until I meet my Igorot friends. They are not dark skinned, well some of them are and some of them are not..just like the rest of us. There are white, there are dark but you will notice that they look almost alike like they just hatched in one egg. They are gorgeous people. You don’t believe me? Well, meet carrot man 😉

FREElancers Tip: Don’t forget your pocket wi-fi so you can update your Facebook friends.

  1. The Picturesque View of Rice Terraces is adorable. I am very eager to see these rice terraces since I saw this in my elementary book. I adore how resourceful the people living in the place can be. Now, I come face to face with once one of the 7 Wonders of the World.
rice terraces
Excuse the Fog!

FREElancers Tip: Secure yourself a power bank if you are using your phone as a camera. The ride is long and you need a back up.

  1. Exploring Sumaguing Cave is challenging. One of the highlights of Sagada is the Sumaguing Cave. Never go inside without a tour guide, you might not come out alive. Just kidding 😉 But I’m serious. You need a tour guide to come in and out of the cave safely. All you need to spend is 400/pax for the tour guide and you can relax afterwards. The cave is so cold but you will not notice it because the activity inside the cave is strenuous enough to feel the cold. But the cave stones are marvelous. The creation of nature is superb! How the nature creates rock formation for centuries is unbelievable. Some called this cave a porn cave because of the way the rock has formed. I will leave it to your imagination why the image below is called “The Queen”.


FREElancers Tip: Bring a water-proof camera for it might fell off the water. Dress light so that it is easy to move.

  1. Trekking all the way down to Bomod-Ok Falls is breathtaking. Thank God it’s cold! If not, I am already swimming with my sweat. Trekking all the way to Bomod-Ok Falls is fun and exciting as you have the opportunity to have a close encounter with the people planting and plowing at the rice terraces. The scenic view all the way down is magnificent and very calming.


Bomod-Ok Falls is all worth it! As you dive into the freezing water, you will feel reborn.


FREElancers Tip: Water, water, water! Bring a bottle of water.

  1. Riding on the Jeepney Top Load is quite an experience. It is one hell of a ride as your eyes feast on the nature’s beauty while fearing that the jeepney might fall down off the cliff as your hair flows against the cold wind. It is safe though, just hold on tight 🙂


FREElancers Tip: Just be careful 😉

  1. The History of Hanging Coffin at the Echo Valley is fascinating. Shout your heart out and hear your voice back at the Echo Valley. It is a nice way to exercise your lungs. Learn why the Igorots hang their ancestors to the side of the cliffs. According to our tour guide, it is requested by the people who is about to die. There are many rumours why but nothing is certain. It said that this practice is more than 2000 years old but no evidence to show that it is true. According again to our tour guide, an Igorot who’s name is Bong, they still carry the old tradition but only by request of the people who died or the request of their close family members. There is a hanging coffin that hangs recently about 3 years ago but the majority of the tribe already follows the modern custom and buries their dead on the ground.

Hanging Coffin.jpg

FREElancers Tip: Catch your breath. You might be very exhausted this time but this something you can’t miss. Take a deep breath and say cheese 🙂

  1. Kiltepan Viewpoint will bring you to the clouds. One thing that gets me so excited to visit Sagada is the sea of clouds. I really want to see it in person. We are lucky enough to see some of it because according to our event coordinator it depends on the weather and sometimes it doesn’t show.

Sea of clouds.jpg

FREElancers Tip: Waiting for the clouds to show and for the sunrise to peak is a very chilling experience. It is very cold. Wear your full gear (jacket, bonnet, mittens, scarf, socks)

You only need two nights and three days to enjoy all these and you still have extra hours to enjoy Baguio as you go down to Manila. If your schedule is hectic like this and you can’t afford to stay for a week in Sagada, I suggest you take a package tour so there isn’t any wasted time. If you have been to Sagada and what to add something, feel free to comment, if you have questions also feel free to comment.


Time check: 11:43pm



aCliff Hazel Santos is a Top Rated Upwork Freelancer, 
with 100% job success rate. She is also an entrepreneur, 
she owns Dive-In Travel Agency and she is an aspiring blogger.


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