7 Morning Habits of a Successful Freelancer

Freelancers wake up and sleep at their own time frame and freelancers have different working schedule so an advice to wake up early in the morning to be productive might not be applicable to some, especially to those who are working in graveyard shift. However, you can apply this habit even if you sleep in the morning and wake up at night. You can pretend that your night time is your morning time. Let me discuss these 7 habits that will help any freelancers to be successful and productive.

  1. Wake up earlier than the usual time you wake up.


Your morning starts when you wake up. If you are a morning person, you can start your day as early as 4am or 5am. If you are a night owl and begin your working at 8pm, you can start waking up 2 to 3 hours earlier. Set your alarm clock to the highest volume and continuously. Do not place it in your bedside table. Place it somewhere far enough that you need to stand and walk to turn it off. Waking up early will give you more time for yourself that you often neglect when you start working the moment you wake up. It will also give you more time to interact with the people around you. You can have a chat with your parents or spouse while having coffee without worrying that you need to start working because you know that you have ample of time to spare.

  1. Start the day with a grateful heart.


Do you have a feeling when you wake up that it is just the same day and the thought makes you lazy to move? Shift your thoughts. The moment you open your eyes, think of the things that you are grateful for. Being grateful for what you have the moment you wake up will give you energy to face the day. Thank the Lord for everything and your day will be bountiful.

       3. Exercise. 

One of the problems of the freelancers which I am guilty of is that we tend to gain more weight every day.


Since we are working at home, we don’t have any physical activities and we go straight to our computers the moment we open our eyes because we believe that when we work early, we will finish early. However, we shouldn’t compromise our health because it is our biggest asset that will give us dividends in a long run. The money we earn from working wouldn’t save us from misery of failing health. Also, a person that is overweight is often prone to depression. Taking the time to have a physical activity is a must and it doesn’t take too much time. You only need at least 10 minutes daily. Make it a habit and it will do wonders. You can jog at your neighborhood or you can have an exercise equipment in your home like:

Gym Fitness Sport Equipment Spinning Bicycle Cycling Exercise Bike

Gym Fitness Sport Equipment Spinning Bicycle Cycling Exercise Bike

or use Hot Shaper and sweat. Lose tummy fats while sitting all day.



or have Gamercize PC Stepper and turn your work day into a challenge workday.



  1. Feed your mind.


Take advantage of the morning when your mind is fresh and stress-free to read a book or an article that will help you with your personality, job and business development. Make it a habit to read, you can read newspaper while having a cup of coffee or listening to podcast while walking your dog in the morning. Additional information will trigger ideas that will help you to be creative and productive in the whole day.


  1. Eat a hearty breakfast.


Breakfast is the most important meal in the morning. Eat well so you can think well. If you are hungry, you can’t work productively and you will feel uncomfortable during the working hours. This is also the perfect opportunity to dine with your family members and have a healthy conversation while having your meal.

  1. Plan your day.


Even if we are working at home and we have the liberty to work anytime we wanted, it is still essential that we plan our day in the morning. This will serve as our map so that we will never get lost in what we should do first and not to miss out any task. This is especially if you have multiple clients. Planning your day will keep your sanity.


  1. Do the hardest and the important task first.

images (5).jpg

Doing the hardest and the most important task at the beginning of your day will make the rest of the day light. It is hard to work when you keep on thinking of the task that you know you should be doing and that is important. Another thing is that when your mind is fresh the hard task seems so easy unlike when you do it last when you are already tired, it seems unbearable.

Many freelancers wannabe doesn’t make it through a year because they don’t cultivate a habit or a schedule. It is hard to discipline yourself when you are at home and you know that you can work anytime so a habit is a must for you to succeed.

Do you have other habits in the morning or at night that lead you to a successful freelancing career? Feel free to share 😉


Happy freelancing day!


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